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Being a good manager is part of the job of running a small business. Even if you have only a handful of employees, it’s still up to you to help them give their best for the sake your company, your customers, and themselves.

he Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) today applauded the introduction of the Securing Access Via Excellence (SAVE) Medicare Home Health Act introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives.  It provides relief to American seniors in need of home healthcare who are at risk due to 14 percent, four-year Medicare cuts implemented on January 1 as part of Obamacare.

Harbor Hills is pleased to announce the 1st Annual Harbor Hills Run/Walk For Charity on Saturday September 27th, 2014. All proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs of Lake and Sumter Counties.  “Healthy lifestyles is one of our three priority outcomes, so we are excited to partner with Harbor Hills on this event that helps encourage physical activity,” said Connie Kolisnyk, Director of Communications for the Boys & Girls Club. 

A multitude of NASA research investigations, crew provisions, hardware and science experiments from across the country is headed to the International Space Station aboard Orbital Sciences Corp.'s Cygnus spacecraft. The cargo craft launched aboard Orbital's Antares rocket from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia at 12:52 p.m. EDT Sunday.

The media focus on the Iraqi crisis has created a 'fog of war' that has obscured a series of reports in recent weeks on the damaging impact of Obamacare on health care insurance rates, in particular, and the economic recovery, in general, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

A surprise recognition at the Lake County School Board meeting last month caught Superintendent of Schools Dr. Susan Moxley off guard.

Kevin McDonald, of the McDonald Agency in The Villages, has been recognized by Allstate Insurance Company for his superior standards in customer satisfaction, customer retention and profitability.

The Lake County Public Safety Department asks residents to take proper precautions when celebrating Independence Day at home, and is urging residents not to potentially spoil their Fourth of July celebration by using illegal fireworks, which too frequently lead to fires and severe personal injuries.

Surrounding the sun is a vast atmosphere of solar particles, through which magnetic fields swarm, solar flares erupt, and gigantic columns of material rise, fall and jostle each other around. Now, using NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, scientists have found that this atmosphere, called the corona, is even larger than thought, extending out some 5 million miles above the sun's surface -- the equivalent of 12 solar radii. This information has implications for NASA's upcoming Solar Probe Plus mission, due to launch in 2018 and go closer to the sun than any man-made technology ever has before.

House Speaker John Boehner's proposed lawsuit against President Obama, charging him with exceeding his Constitutional powers, is attracting broad based support.  Even law professor Jonathan Turley, a well-known supporter of the president said he crossed the line, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens. 

NASA completed the most complex and flight-like test of the parachute system for the agency's Orion spacecraft on Wednesday.

NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover will complete a Martian year -- 687 Earth days -- on June 24, having accomplished the mission's main goal of determining whether Mars once offered environmental conditions favorable for microbial life.

Two heads are better than one, especially when trying to build a successful small business. That’s why many entrepreneurs team up to launch partnerships.

Attorney General Pam Bondi today thanked Governor Rick Scott for signing the Florida Information Protection Act of 2014.

Governor Rick Scott announced he has signed Senate Bill 1666 which strengthens laws and increases resources to protect children from abuse and neglect.

During the past week, the FBI; its local, state, and federal law enforcement partners; and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) conducted Operation Cross Country VIII, a week-long enforcement action to address commercial child sex trafficking throughout the United States. This operation included enforcement actions in 106 cities across 54 FBI field divisions nationwide and resulted in 168 recoveries of children who were being victimized through prostitution. Additionally, 281 pimps were arrested on state and federal charges.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Lake and Sumter Counties received a $39,725 grant from the Walmart Foundation for its Fitness in Training (FIT) program, which is designed to improve club members’ physical and fiscal fitness. “The components of the FIT Project help connect our members to the world around them by teaching healthy habits for both physical and fiscal fitness,” stated Freddy Williams, CEO. 

"Indecision has been the hallmark of the administration's foreign policy for the past five and a half years and nowhere has it been more threatening to our national security than in the current conflict in Iraq," according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

According to the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), the Fred E. Rozelle Sportsmanship Awards honors schools whose athletic teams demonstrated exemplary sportsmanship during the 2013-2014 regular season and FHSAA State Series. This year, 21 high schools and three middle schools received the prestigious award.

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