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Seniors must learn to protect themselves—and not just from scam artists and fall-related injuries. We’re talking the same kind of protection you hear so much about on college campuses. Yes. That protection.

For nearly a week after the holiday season, it can be hard to move; from the couch, that is. Not only is this time of year physically and emotionally exhausting (shopping, anyone?), it is also trying on our digestive systems. The family atmosphere combined with festivities always involves some of the richest foods of the season make it easy to stray from the routine, healthy path many of us had been following – and are now having a hard time getting back into. Fortunately, there’s a one-step plan of action (well, inaction) to recovering from the holidays.

Typically we view seeing light in the darkness as a good thing – either literally, as in a flashlight or candle, or metaphorically as an epiphany or revelation. The glaring light in the darkness of our bedrooms, splayed about from cell phones, laptops and nightlights, however, is another story; and it’s one that has even deserved research from the American Medical Association.

If you’ve ever noticed a smog advisory sign while driving through a major city, or heard an announcement on the radio telling citizens to carpool on certain days to lower air pollution levels, chances are you’re aware of the effect toxic air poses on the environment and our health. Global warming and the dwindling of Earth’s resources fall into this category as well; we are aware of it, and may even take steps to be more environmentally friendly.

You’ve perfected your follow-through. Finally, after all this time, you know your exact grip position. There’s just one problem: the reward of finding your perfect swing can come with a painful price. From aching joints and pinched nerves to lower back and hip problems, golfers can be at risk for many sport-related maladies. The key to keeping that perfect form for years to come?

The crunch beneath my bootie-covered shoes sounded foreign as I stepped into the serene, shockingly white room covered in what appeared to be snow. After reclining back into one of the zero gravity chairs available in the center of the room, I heard a faint whir as air began to circulate a fine white dust. Closing my eyes and inhaling with trepidation (at first), I couldn’t help but remember Dorothy’s words when visiting Oz for the first time as I thought “I have a feeling we’re not in Florida anymore.”

Chances are you’ve heard someone coming down with a cold and say they are “feeling a little under the weather.” Although a common expression, many of us don’t stop to really think about what it means to feel this way, or how the weather has anything to do with the state of our health. However, with hurricane season in full swing and cold weather around the corner, it is worth taking a look at how, in some cases, the expression rings true.

As a writer, numbers have always intimidated me; we get along about as well as two peas in a peach pie. As appetizing as that doesn’t sound, I still have a profound respect for them. Numbers don’t lie; they are factual and precise, and in the case of longevity, help us count our years positively or negatively depending upon our daily habits.

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